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studio move: floors & walls

The studio buildout has been going well.. this time it's so much more overwhelming than when we moved into our current space and slapped some new paint on the walls though. The first thing the guys did was put up a couple walls to divide the retail area from our studio. We decided to use wood paneling instead of drywall because of the effect (I will paint it the wall color but there will be some character & texture to it) and because it was cheaper (we're on a strict budget here).

We were originally going to leave the concrete floor as-is but ended up deciding to put wood floors down in the retail area. It just adds so much and I'm really glad we decided to do it. You can see the raw wood in the top picture (it's Blue Pine).. we're planning on painting it with milk paint to darken it to a deep brown/black. The milk paint still shows the grain but covers the wood a lot more evenly than stain and has a great effect (I also wanted to play down the color differences in the wood).

Next steps: painting and the guys are working on some custom shelving for products in the retail area & exterior signage and window boxes. It took me forever to pick a paint color but I eventually decided on Benjamin Moore's Ballet White. I really wanted to go for something a little different like a mint but the simple cream just works with everything and I couldn't resist.

Although the place has a bit more work to go, we're planning on moving in over the weekend as our lease wraps up here at our current space. Nope, I have nothing packed or ready and my plan kind of involves just throwing random things in my car and making a ton of trips around the block to the new place to unload!


p.s. Apologies for the lack of posts.. things are a little crazy around here and I haven't had much time to write or visit the blog world. I also have not forgotten about the Business Series.. I got a little intimidated about writing it but I am trying to work on some posts that should be up soon.


It's Better Together meetup no. 3

I've been meaning to post some pictures from our last It's Better Together meetup. This one was so much fun.. we had a pretty large turnout at Lure Design's studios in Orlando where they talked to us about running a design studio & showed us the ropes of screen printing (they do lots of gig posters). They were incredibly gracious and even allowed everyone to take a turn pulling a poster to take home.

lt was a great meeting and we're so thankful for how much time and effort the Lure team put into helping us have a great event. They really went above and beyond (for example, wine). They're also top on my list because a few weeks ago they also agreed to take time out of their day to talk to me about the National Stationery Show (which I am showing at this year- for the first time). They've been showing their L2 line for a few years and gave me lots of helpful tips and advice. So, many thanks to Lure all around!

This group is about bringing a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness to your business peers instead of competitiveness and it's so nice to see it really happening..


all photos by Becka Knight of Studio222


perfectly sweet engagement photos

My friend Jessica Bennett took these wonderful engagement photos of my friends Jesse & Liz. Not only are they the cutest couple ever but these photos are so adorable.. film, oranges, & an anthropologie dress.. perfect. :)  eye candy for your monday morning.

more here. (via Jessica's blog)


organized collections

i love this series by camilla engman.

via here.


Inspired by: Jay Ryan

I began designing show posters after I moved to Orlando and met Nathan (for his band and a few venues in the area). I fell in love with it and it became one of the first ways that I really began experimenting with combining my illustrations with graphic design. Jay Ryan was (and still his) a huge inspiration.. I'm mesmerized at how he can make a screen printed poster look so detailed.. and having that freshly sketched look.  ..not to mention his amazing hand drawn type.

And... seeing that screen printed wedding poster (2nd in on the bottom row) was the first time I realized wedding invitations could be awesome. So, thank you Jay. 

images via here.


we're hiring


studio move: round 2!

If anyone has been following my studio move posts you may have noticed that I've never posted the final results. That's because after being in this space for 7+ months we never actually got it finished or opened up our retail store (though I did make it look pretty for Joy one day). The area that was supposed to become the store quickly became storage space for boxes of cards and other things. We've been looking for a new space with more room for our studio and a proper area to serve as a storefront.

Soo, we are now moving to a new space a few blocks away. I've decided to continue the series and document the process of our build-out. This time it will be a much bigger project and we are not moving in until it's completely done so that'll keep us motivated to finish quickly.

here are a few photos...

the new studio/store is the brick space with the 3 windows and we have some fun plans to spice up the exterior (which includes getting rid of the icky green awnings). Our city offers grants to businesses to help pay for façade work to be done so I am planning on applying for this to help ease my costs (I'm working with a pretty strict budget).


our friends Blair & Craig are doing our buildout (Blair is the one who made this). the day after signing the lease they'd already cleared out most of the tile and random walls that the previous tenant installed. I'm now quite overwhelmed at the amount of space we have but very excited about the potential. 


google maps

we're going to be located in the Hannibal Square district of Winter Park, fl. ...just a few blocks away from our current location (around the corner form Dexter's for those who live here). It's more of a quaint business district with brick streets, boutique shops & restaurants.



new (sort of) work: alison & chris

Chris & Alison got married at a national park in Ohio and their invitation set was inspired by their location as well as their love of gig & vintage WPA posters. The main invitation was a fold out poster and we also created a vintage park guide inspired booklet that included a note from the couple, wedding information, a map, and a tear away RSVP postcard on the last page. The booklet was printed and then bound with stitched red thread.

I also created the couple's save the date which you can see here.



currently digging...

top to bottom, left to right:

Postalco notebooks; Postalco leather bag; Perch planter; currently listening to Nat King Cole; reading Malcolm Galdwell's What the Dog Saw; how awesome are TED talks?; Jack Spade bag; J.Crew shoes; Mod Cloth dress; Anna Lynett is my favorite on Project Runway; tulip pendant light from Anthropologie; Kate Spade jewelry


Valentine's Day Cards

3 new cards are in the shop


I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately! I've been taking a break from blogs in general as I've been catching up with work & custom orders. I should be back to a normal schedule next week.

have a wonderful weekend!


p.s. we are now running a smooth operation so most packages are shipping in 1 day.


Happy Holidays

This is quite delayed but I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays! Nathan and I have been visiting his family in Illinois and we're currently visiting with mine in Seattle. I'll be back in the office with regular posting soon.

...and happy new year's eve! Any big plans? I never end up doing anything too exciting on this day.


inspired by: leanne shapton

i love these hand painted wood block books by Leanne Shapton (they're actually made like books that you can put on your shelf). Available at John Derian from $165 (though it seems like just the NY store because I don't see them online). Her work is so lovely and fun.

via The Book Bench


business series: preview

So, things have been a little hectic around the RIFLE studio (to say the least). We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to the online store and are working incredibly hard to keep up with the pace. Because of how much has been going on and how much I've learned, I've decided to begin a weekly business series starting in January. It will be devoted to the things we've learned over the past year, stories of successes and failures, interviews with other designers & bloggers about their business tips, and helpful advice and resources. I've noticed a significant lack of helpful information and resources (though there are wonderful sources as well) as we've struggled to get everything rolling and I thought I would take a stab at filling some of that void. I'm no expert but I'm excited about sharing some things I've learned and we'll see if you find it useful as well.. 

To begin, I thought I would share a little preview about how hard the past two weeks have been for us. We are incredibly grateful for the positive response the store (and line) has received but I will be perfectly honest, we have been on the verge of a few nervous breakdowns because of circumstances completely out of our control which have caused delays, hiccups, and loads of frustration. Because of this, we are struggling to fulfill orders and are hoping to receive some patience and understanding as we find our footing. We are still quite a small operation and are literally working all day & night to get up to speed. I don't want to elaborate on all of the struggles right now because we're still in the midst of it but I will share more later. 

All this to say, opening a store and starting a business entails an insane amount of work. But no matter how hard you prepare and plan there are often curve balls that life throws at you for (whatever reason) that you just have to deal with. We are getting through this stage and are so excited about what we're doing. We are ever so grateful for those who support our work and look forward to growing and expanding our new line throughout next year.



Paris, 1962

I love these photos taken by Tom Palumbo in Paris, 1962. They remind me of the spirit of the holidays.. friends, laughter, and food. :) I hope to get plenty of all three this season.

via Grain Edit & you can view a full set of images here.


vintage hunting map

I love this vintage Czech hunting map via Hollister Hovey's blog (which is a favorite read).


I also want to apologize for the lack of posts lately... I've been trying to get back in the swing of things after the madness that was the store opening. Many thanks for all the kind words about the shop and the overwhelming amount of orders :)