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industrial inspirations + studio expansion

1. metal task lamp  2. industrial bookshelves  3. industrial light  4. Roman & Williams interiors  5. telephone print  6. Hendrix Desk  7. woven rug  8. vintage wooden flat file (another option here)  9. brass table lamp  10. soren chair


We're so thrilled to see how Rifle Paper Co. has continued to grow over these past 2 years (officially 2 years in November!). It's been a TON of hard work but it's also been incredibly rewarding to watch the line grow from our little 1 bedroom apartment to a full-blown operation. It seems we've already grown out of our current studio space so we signed the lease on the building next to us and are currently in the process of combining the two (they're literally drilling a big hole in the wall this week!).

Our office has been a mess for the past few months with boxes everywhere so with this new space I'm determined to find a home for everything and create an incredibly organized operation (we'll see.. I'm naturally a horribly messy person). Our current space will still have our storefront and behind it will be our production area where we box up cards and assemble all of our product by hand, a shipping nook, and storage for all of our cards & products. The new space has a bit of a different layout than our current building. It's set up running parallel to the street with lots of big windows. We'll move most of the desk/work space in there and are building out a meeting room and a closed off office space for myself. I am SUPER excited. I basically live at this office so it feels like I'm planning out my new home :) 

Above is my inspiration palette for the new space. I love Roman & Williams interiors/architecture and am trying to bring in the warm industrial look. Contrary to most of our designs, my interior design taste leans more toward simple and masculine with a lot of wood rather than feminine and colorful.. but I also think that helps keep things timeless and fresh. I'm on a tight budget because buildouts get ridiculously pricey extremely fast but I'm having fun scouring the internet for cool finds..


 Above: our new light-filled new studio expansion. the wall at the back of the photo connects to our current space & will have an opening with steps. It looks pretty bare but we're supposedly on track to move in in a couple weeks...


post NSS trip to Anthropologie & Terrain

Well, if anyone knows me they know I'm quite a big fan of Anthropologie so I was beyond excited when they asked Nathan & I if we wanted to visit their offices after the stationery show to say hello and have a few meetings. I tried very hard to contain my bursting excitement when we arrived and snapped a few photos to share with you!

Above are a few photos of the Anthro building (the complex in the naval yard has buildings for each brand such as Urban OutfittersBHLDN, & Free People). I loved big open & bright space. It seemed like such a bustling creative environment with swatches of fabric and color everywhere you looked.

The photos above show the main entrance lobby & table, a view to the open workspace, beautiful terrariums on the front table, an amazing bike from India? that we were told would be sold in a few stores during the holidays, and the exterior of the building. 

Nathan and I decided to make a day trip out of our visit so from there we headed 30 min. south to Terrain at Styer's (also owned by Anthro) for shopping and dinner the cafe...

I LOVED Terrain. It was absolutely gorgeous between the outdoor nursery and the greenhouse style shop & cafe. Everything about it was so well done. As poor Nathan can attest I spent way too much time circling the shop a million times looking at everything and trying to pick out a late Mother's Day gift for my mom. The cafe was amazing as well. I especially enjoyed the baked bread in the terra cotta pot with the most delicious lavender honey butter.. yum.

In the photos above... hydrangeas & flowers, entrance sign, furniture gallery building, the inside of the shop, amazing bread baked in terra cotta pots, checking out the card wall (Terrain carries a few Rifle Paper Co. cards!), awesome ketchup label, beautiful items in the shop, and a view of the nursery


all photos by anna bond


happy friday + snapshots

happy friday! I'd thought I'd share a few recent iPhone snapshots...

top to bottom, left to right:

1. our bedroom after painting our walls black (Benjamin Moore's 'midnight').. i love how it came out! inspired by this post  

2. vintage persian rug i bought from here for our living room. I love the pattern & the bird characters  

3. my inspiration pin board in my office  

4. my (always) messy desk  

5. spring window display for the storefront that Janelle is making for us out of tissue paper  

6. wall in my office as I plan our new line & prep for the National Stationery Show in May 


Studio Tour Pt. 3: Grand Opening Party

all photos by Studio222 Photography

Here are a few photos (taken by friends Studio222 Photography) from our store opening party that we held for family, friends and associates in November. I was incredibly busy around the time so I really didn't do too much in the way of planning or decorating. However, with the help of the talented Janelle who works with us, there were lots of gold glitter stars and paper decorations made with our pine wrapping sheets hanging from the ceiling.

We served cupcakes from Blue Bird Bake Shop, my mother-in-law's amazing homemade pies, beer & champagne. We also played old records on our tabletop record player.

It was a great night and it was so fun to be able to celebrate with those closest to us to kick off the opening of the shop! 

photos by Studio222

p.s. that's yours truly holding the beer & wearing my favorite sequin skirt.


Studio Tour Pt. 2: the storefront


all photos above by Kallie Brynn Photography

Here are a few photos that the wonderful Kallie of Kallie Brynn Photography (amazing photographer & recent logo client) took of the storefront on our first official day open. I also added a few of my iphone pictures at the end that showed a couple more perspectives.

I love the space and it's been so fun to find other products to sell along with our goods. Right now we carry Saipua soaps (my fav), Angela Liguori ribbon & twine, Clementine art supplies, Xenia Taler ceramics and a selection of books (to name just a few).

As for other random details..

all woodworking/buildout (floors, shelves, built-in, window boxes, brackets, etc.): Hog Eat Hog / Blair Sligar (creationations[at]; outdoor sconces: barn light electric; red pendant lights: Anthropologie; glass door bookcase: antique

let me know if you have any questions!


tomorrow: photos from our opening party


Studio Tour Part 1: the buildout

I thought I'd spend the next few days before I leave for the holidays chronicling the process of our studio & storefront buildout (I'll continue on Monday). 

We moved into this current space in February 2010 and it took until November to fully complete the project. The time lapse was mainly due to our crazy schedule but we also paced ourselves to budget the cost (we've run our business completely credit & debt free). 

The studio is located in the Hannibal Square district of Winter Park- a quaint shopping district with brick streets and cute shops & retaurants. It's one of the nicest parts of town and we were able to secure an amazing rental rate due to the economy. The space is 1500 square feet and we separated about 300 sq. ft. for the storefront. Before this we worked out of another space a few blocks away that was about 700 sq. ft. and before that we were working out of Nathan & I's one bedroom apartment. 


photos & sketches by Anna Bond

Throughout the process we worked with our friends Blair & Craig (of the woodcrafting company Hog Eat Hog- the same guys who help us produce our wooden recipe boxes) to complete the buildout. You can see my initial layout sketch for the space above. To keep costs down we kept the concrete floors throughout the studio and laid wood floors only in the storefront area. We also built a walls with an opening in the center to separate the studio area from the shop. The main projects we did for the space were: painting (benjamin moore's ballet white on the walls), added simple wood molding, the separation wall (fully made of wood), wood floors in the front, our custom shelving for the shop, and signage.

Blair is all about using found, salvaged, and local woods so pretty much all of the wood in the space is salvaged from Florida. He also used some unique processes like painting our wood floor with a mix of stain and milk paint and then topped with wax to create a really vintage look that I absolutely love.

photos & sketches by Anna Bond

We worked on getting the studio area set up first and waited a while to complete the storefront since it's not a vital part of our business (it acted as an inventory storage area for quite a while). The studio area is set up as an open room with a large work table in the center for production and desks on either side of the room. The space also has a storage room and a separate office where I work.

My favorite part of the whole space is the custom shelving in the storefront. I worked with Blair to design the card shelves and the built-in shelves around the windows (bottom left image). I love the character they add to the shop.

It's definitely been a process but I love the space and how it turned out! It's very simple, open, and functional for us. 

Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments section... More photos of the completed space & opening party coming next week...



do what you love..

Admittedly, I was a little petrified when Ryan called me and asked me if he could film me for his new series, Do What You Love (a series about women doing what they love in conjunction with Gap's 1969 Jeans collection). I'm not a big fan of being on video... I tend to get REALLY awkward. But Ryan is a friend and incredibly talented so I decided to brush that aside and go with it.. and trust him. I'm very excited to give you another glimpse inside my world. I think Ryan did a beautiful job of capturing the studio. I feel so blessed that I truly get to do what I love every single day. For those who have the same dream.. I can't stress enough that it really can be a reality if you set aside any fears & dive in with a whole lot of work and determination. I hope the series inspires you to do what you love!

see the post & video here.



behind the scenes at Rifle Paper Co. in Gifted Mag.

I was so excited when Ez from Creature Comforts contacted me about doing a behind-the-scenes feature as we prepared for the holidays. Check out the story in the online issue of Gifted Magazine, a stunning new holiday magazine & gift guide! I take you through the process of designing the cards, printing & packaging...



I'm working hard to get our Holiday collection added to the store as soon as I can. Here's a little sneak peak from our very messy studio as I organize for a photo shoot of products. Between holiday preparations and the storefront opening (mid-Nov.) it's getting a little crazy around here...

I'm also working on making a list of all of the local shops we're carried in now to add to our site. I know a lot of you should be able to find our goods right in your own city. Many of them already have our holiday goods stocked too! :) If you're curious, leave me a comment with your city and I'll let you know if we're sold near you...


makr carry goods (and amazing neighbors)

I always love the behind the scenes studio photos from Makr. They make incredible leather goods and also just happen to be our neighbor.. their studio is literally around the corner from ours. pretty awesome...

images via the Makr blog


around the studio lately...

a late Friday post but a post nonetheless...

Here are a few snapshots from around the studio lately. We've been busy prepping orders for new stores carrying our goods (so exciting!), printing new designs, and I'm still working on getting our own retail space ready (a task that always seems to get put on hold). 

I'm very excited about things to come and I will be back to posting more often. In the meantime, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


shop update: card shelves

After a few months of hiatus we're finally back to building out our storefront area of our studio. With the National Stationery Show and the height of wedding season we had to put everything on hold but we're finally making it a priority again. As I write, Blair & Craig are installing 5 shelves that will hold all of our greeting cards. My iPhone picture doesn't show it well but they're trays with removable dividers so that we can rearrange the placement of different cards and boxes easily. Another friend of ours made the metal hairpin style brackets. 

My new goal is to have our store ready by mid-August but I've learned that I can't really make any promises... but that's what I'm hoping for. I've got some big plans for an epic opening party so i'll definitely be posting updates here on the blog as we get closer.


the serious side of rifle

photos by The DuckDuck Collective

Matt from The DuckDuck Collective visited our studio the other day to take some photos of us and I'm very happy with the results. We look pretty serious in these pictures but I can't help but pick these two as my favorites.. both of these photos were taken with medium format film too, which I love. The first picture is of Nathan & me in our soon-to-be retail area of our studio and the second is me intently painting a new art print.

If you haven't seen DuckDuck's stuff you should check them out. I went to school with all 3 of them and I credit one (you, John Carl) for teaching me more about design than most of my teachers (no disrespect Prof. Smith). They're an incredibly talented group of photographers, videographers and designers. 


studio move: coming together

Well, lately I haven't done much else besides work & get the new place ready but I do love how everything has been turning out. The studio area is coming along nicely and is nearly finished but the storefront still has a ways to go (mainly furniture to be built).

We've been putting our magnetic chalkboard to good use by having everyone who stops by draw a little something. It's my favorite thing about the studio area. Craig also came by today to wire up a few lights. I was suuuper excited to find the Anthropologie lamps for above the large worktable and storefront windows on sale and love how they look.. especially the red ones in the window (which I also had in my last 'currently digging' post).. Find them here.


studio move: 1st day

There's still more work to be done but today is our first day working out of our new space! (above is Nathan in his nice little nook- hopefully it will stay that clean :)  I'm sore from moving all last night but very excited about the way things are turning out.. even if we've had a couple bumps along the way (such as getting a bad mix of paint and not noticing until the whole place was painted). 

To the right of Nathan you can see our chalkboard wall.. to the left is one of the walls separating the studio from the storefront. Once we got the correct Benjamin Moore 'ballet white' I am very happy with the color choice. It's a beautiful shade. I also decided to paint the storage and meeting room in Martha Stewart's 'magnetite' which is a dark charcoal color. I thought it could be a risky choice but I absolutely love it and now want to go and paint our whole apartment in the color.. 

it's back to work for me but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I will post more photos next week when we are a little more settled.