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vanessa bell covers

I love these first edition Virginia Woolf covers hand-painted by Vanessa Bell (Virginia's sister).


inspired by: leanne shapton

i love these hand painted wood block books by Leanne Shapton (they're actually made like books that you can put on your shelf). Available at John Derian from $165 (though it seems like just the NY store because I don't see them online). Her work is so lovely and fun.

via The Book Bench


thrift finds

I'm still swamped with work trying to prep the online store but I thought I would take a quick photo of some quality thrift finds from the morning. I was at the printer reviewing the greeting card proofs (yes, I am that last minute) and on my way back to the studio I stopped in the one thrift store in town I always seem to find something at. I was especially excited about the vintage Coach bag ($19) because I'd been looking on Ebay to find one in this exact style. Isn't it the best when you find something good? Thrift stores are life's little treasure hunts.

I also plan on reading that book, "First on the Moon," when I get a chance. Sounds interesting and I love the cover with it's subtle reference to the moon's surface.


vintage Polish book covers

i just never get tired of looking at book cover designs..

images via here.


inspired by: vintage cloth book covers

I love cloth covered books and all of their different styles, patterns, and textures...

images via here (a lovely gallery of 19th century covers) & here (The Met).


david pearson

david pearson's work is so lovely. covers from Penguin's Great Ideas Volume III.

+ it's the big 2-5 today! I'm celebrating tonight with a dessert potluck with friends where I'm contributing honeydew, cream & pistachio popsicles and carrot cake cupcakes. yum :)


Russian children's book art

eye candy on a rainy monday morning here in florida. I'll be heading out this evening to fly up to NY to attend the National Stationery Show tomorrow. If anyone has any recommendations for booths I should check out, let me know! I'm going to be on a mission trying to see everything in one day.

images via here.


german illustration 

lovely examples of vintage German illustration & design from this blog, illuopa

I wish I could credit them better but the site is written in German..

via Drawn!


vintage wizard of oz illustrations

I love these vintage Wizard of Oz chapter heading illustrations from a book published in 1958. Oz would make such a great theme for a kid's party.. and you could approach it so many different ways. When I usually think of the story I tend to think of the film and its bright, technicolor colors but I like these for their more subdued, storybook quality.

via illustrated in full colour throughout


hollow earth

I love this book cover designed by Alex Camlin, especially the map and the way "map of the interior world" is written on the bottom right. It also looks like it could be an interesting book to read and it would be awesome if there were illustrations throughout depicting the "strange lands, fantastical creatures, advanced civilizations, and marvelous machines below the earth's surface" but the "Look Inside!" on Amazon didn't show any signs of such things.. only words.


more vintage book covers

images via BookScans


murder books!

I love the titles to these books that were published by Graphic Books in the 50's. hilarious. I'm looking at this style of design & illustration as one of my inspirations for Band Marino's new album art. I'm also thinking about posting the project in stages from my inspirations to the final project. we'll see.. that could end up feeling a little too personal but it also could be a lot of fun.

images via BookScans