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industrial inspirations + studio expansion

1. metal task lamp  2. industrial bookshelves  3. industrial light  4. Roman & Williams interiors  5. telephone print  6. Hendrix Desk  7. woven rug  8. vintage wooden flat file (another option here)  9. brass table lamp  10. soren chair


We're so thrilled to see how Rifle Paper Co. has continued to grow over these past 2 years (officially 2 years in November!). It's been a TON of hard work but it's also been incredibly rewarding to watch the line grow from our little 1 bedroom apartment to a full-blown operation. It seems we've already grown out of our current studio space so we signed the lease on the building next to us and are currently in the process of combining the two (they're literally drilling a big hole in the wall this week!).

Our office has been a mess for the past few months with boxes everywhere so with this new space I'm determined to find a home for everything and create an incredibly organized operation (we'll see.. I'm naturally a horribly messy person). Our current space will still have our storefront and behind it will be our production area where we box up cards and assemble all of our product by hand, a shipping nook, and storage for all of our cards & products. The new space has a bit of a different layout than our current building. It's set up running parallel to the street with lots of big windows. We'll move most of the desk/work space in there and are building out a meeting room and a closed off office space for myself. I am SUPER excited. I basically live at this office so it feels like I'm planning out my new home :) 

Above is my inspiration palette for the new space. I love Roman & Williams interiors/architecture and am trying to bring in the warm industrial look. Contrary to most of our designs, my interior design taste leans more toward simple and masculine with a lot of wood rather than feminine and colorful.. but I also think that helps keep things timeless and fresh. I'm on a tight budget because buildouts get ridiculously pricey extremely fast but I'm having fun scouring the internet for cool finds..


 Above: our new light-filled new studio expansion. the wall at the back of the photo connects to our current space & will have an opening with steps. It looks pretty bare but we're supposedly on track to move in in a couple weeks...


the tides


oh, i love me some Kelly Wearstler and the color palette at the Tides hotel in South Beach, Miami! I'd love to stay there someday soon.. I could use a weekend at the beach and I STILL haven't been to Miami since I moved to Florida.

images via here.


happy weekend + home palette

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! My Saturday is dedicated to making some much-needed and long awaited changes to our apartment. I've been so busy lately that most days I come home and fall right into bed and am out the door as soon as I'm ready the next morning. So, to celebrate my efforts to create more free time I've decided to spice up our apartment so coming home & relaxing feels wonderful. My deadline is quick... I planned a cocktail party at our house a week from Saturday so I'm forcing myself to plow through this and get things done fast! (we'll see if that pans out, ha)

My budget is small but my splurges were a vintage Persian rug and a new outdoor dining set for our patio. The rest of the changes will be more low-key (new paint, reworking pieces I already own, and creating some quick original art for the walls).

Above is my inspiration palette for the place. I'm taking a risky step and painting our bedroom black a la Jenna Lyons' room, above, but I'm excited to see how it turns out..

1. Jenna Lyons' bedroom 2. persian rug 3. lighting from Jayson Home & Garden.. i wish i had the budget for those 4. Wayne Pate print 5. Room & Board chair 6. Anthro side table 7. IKEA throw (only $12.99) 8. The Small Stakes poster print


roman & williams

interiors by roman and williams

via here



someday when I have my studio/retail shop I will decorate it like a vintage office/medical supply store. These interior designs by the British STUDIOILSE have that feel to them. I love the top left image the most for the floors, that awesome cabinet, the chalkboard.. lamp.. wall color..

via oh joy.


mary blair

i love seeing glimpses into other people's work spaces.. mary blair in her office above and one of my favorite pieces (concept art for alice in wonderland) below.

these images and many more via this flickr site


a perfectly patterned home...

someday I'd love to live in a house with bold wallpapers and wood ceilings..

photos by Wai Lin Tse via design*sponge


paper at the Chanel show

I noticed the paper sculptures from the Chanel show in Paris a few weeks ago in the background of a photo of some celebrity who attended and I was really blown away. I just found more shots on Chanel's website and can't believe how incredible it looks. Wouldn't it make the perfect decor for a wedding? ..or my living room?

According to Chanel's site the monochrome white paper flower arrangements of roses, daisies, leaves, and petals decorated the massive columns and entryway staircase of the Cambon-Capucines Pavilion in Paris (where the runway show was held). They used 7000 handmade flowers and it took 4800 hours to put it all together.

well worth it I say.