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happy weekend

happy weekend! 

nathan and I are having our Valentine's date on Saturday and I'm so excited. One of the first things we're doing is going on the Winter Park boat tour. When I moved here I was astounded by the amount of lakes there are but sadly most are un-swimmable due to algae.. and possibly alligators. However, there are 3 lakes in Winter Park that are connected by these beautiful canals and you can take an amazingly charming/cheesy boat tour where a cute old man will point out random facts on a pa system. I can't wait :)


studio move: coming together

Well, lately I haven't done much else besides work & get the new place ready but I do love how everything has been turning out. The studio area is coming along nicely and is nearly finished but the storefront still has a ways to go (mainly furniture to be built).

We've been putting our magnetic chalkboard to good use by having everyone who stops by draw a little something. It's my favorite thing about the studio area. Craig also came by today to wire up a few lights. I was suuuper excited to find the Anthropologie lamps for above the large worktable and storefront windows on sale and love how they look.. especially the red ones in the window (which I also had in my last 'currently digging' post).. Find them here.


studio move: 1st day

There's still more work to be done but today is our first day working out of our new space! (above is Nathan in his nice little nook- hopefully it will stay that clean :)  I'm sore from moving all last night but very excited about the way things are turning out.. even if we've had a couple bumps along the way (such as getting a bad mix of paint and not noticing until the whole place was painted). 

To the right of Nathan you can see our chalkboard wall.. to the left is one of the walls separating the studio from the storefront. Once we got the correct Benjamin Moore 'ballet white' I am very happy with the color choice. It's a beautiful shade. I also decided to paint the storage and meeting room in Martha Stewart's 'magnetite' which is a dark charcoal color. I thought it could be a risky choice but I absolutely love it and now want to go and paint our whole apartment in the color.. 

it's back to work for me but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I will post more photos next week when we are a little more settled.


studio move: floors & walls

The studio buildout has been going well.. this time it's so much more overwhelming than when we moved into our current space and slapped some new paint on the walls though. The first thing the guys did was put up a couple walls to divide the retail area from our studio. We decided to use wood paneling instead of drywall because of the effect (I will paint it the wall color but there will be some character & texture to it) and because it was cheaper (we're on a strict budget here).

We were originally going to leave the concrete floor as-is but ended up deciding to put wood floors down in the retail area. It just adds so much and I'm really glad we decided to do it. You can see the raw wood in the top picture (it's Blue Pine).. we're planning on painting it with milk paint to darken it to a deep brown/black. The milk paint still shows the grain but covers the wood a lot more evenly than stain and has a great effect (I also wanted to play down the color differences in the wood).

Next steps: painting and the guys are working on some custom shelving for products in the retail area & exterior signage and window boxes. It took me forever to pick a paint color but I eventually decided on Benjamin Moore's Ballet White. I really wanted to go for something a little different like a mint but the simple cream just works with everything and I couldn't resist.

Although the place has a bit more work to go, we're planning on moving in over the weekend as our lease wraps up here at our current space. Nope, I have nothing packed or ready and my plan kind of involves just throwing random things in my car and making a ton of trips around the block to the new place to unload!


p.s. Apologies for the lack of posts.. things are a little crazy around here and I haven't had much time to write or visit the blog world. I also have not forgotten about the Business Series.. I got a little intimidated about writing it but I am trying to work on some posts that should be up soon.


It's Better Together meetup no. 3

I've been meaning to post some pictures from our last It's Better Together meetup. This one was so much fun.. we had a pretty large turnout at Lure Design's studios in Orlando where they talked to us about running a design studio & showed us the ropes of screen printing (they do lots of gig posters). They were incredibly gracious and even allowed everyone to take a turn pulling a poster to take home.

lt was a great meeting and we're so thankful for how much time and effort the Lure team put into helping us have a great event. They really went above and beyond (for example, wine). They're also top on my list because a few weeks ago they also agreed to take time out of their day to talk to me about the National Stationery Show (which I am showing at this year- for the first time). They've been showing their L2 line for a few years and gave me lots of helpful tips and advice. So, many thanks to Lure all around!

This group is about bringing a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness to your business peers instead of competitiveness and it's so nice to see it really happening..


all photos by Becka Knight of Studio222


we're hiring


It's Better Together Meetup No. 2

my iphone photos from the eventLast night we had our second It's Better Together meetup in Orlando and it was so much fun! There was a great turnout at Seven Sisters Coffee of wedding pros in all different fields such as invitation design, photography, hair styling, event planning, etc. This meeting was focused on accounting for a small business (something that it seems everyone could use a little help with) and we brought in a CPA to speak and answer lots of questions. It was so lovely to mingle, meet new people, and get a reminder about how intimidating the IRS is :).

Many thanks to Trisha and Becka for getting the event together and to the Orange Blossom Ink ladies for making the awesome fabric business card holders (at the end of the event everyone got a pouch with each person's business card inside). 

We plan on meeting every quarter so if you're in the area & part of the wedding industry feel free to get in touch about getting on our mailing list.


happy weekend + the finished shelf

Here are some photos of the finished bookshelf in my shop/studio! My friend Blair made this beauty for me and it serves to divide the store part of my space from the work studio. It has shelves on either side for storage (products on one side and bags and other supplies on my desk side). He did an amazing job and it's above and beyond what I asked for so I couldn't be happier.

If you're ever interested in custom furniture you should contact Blair at creationations [at] He does incredible work.


studio update: bookshelf progress

I just got back from my friend Blair's workshop to check out the bookshelf he's building me for the studio. This will serve the purpose of dividing the front shop section from the studio part of the space. I'm super excited about it and can't wait to see the finished piece. Everything seems to be coming together lately and I should be ready to officially open in a few weeks!

p.s. please check out Blair's amazing Etsy vintage store. The descriptions are awesome.

Have a great weekend!


studio update: new awning + name vote!

Yesterday I arrived to work to find my new awning being installed! The original one was a horrid teal color and the cheapest option I could do was have the existing frame recovered (a new frame meant hundreds of dollars in permits). I also had to go with a vinyl instead of a cloth awning because I would've had to pay extra to get it fireproofed (thanks Winter Park). 

Now I've got to work on designing the writing to affix to it which brings me to this... I've been wrestling back and forth about what to call my paper line of goods. My overall company name is RIFLE design and that encompasses my graphic design, illustration and paper goods. But the paper goods line needs it's own little sub brand. Originally I was going to call it "Rifle Made" (hence this blog) but lately I've been liking "Rifle Paper Co." (it seems like it fits a little better since all the things I will sell have to do with paper.. and I like writing "Co.").

What do you guys think?? I need some opinions to help me out. :)


orlando wedding meetup

I had so much fun this morning meeting together with a few wonderful ladies in the wedding field (designers, a photographer, book binder, and calligrapher) in the Orlando area. We gathered at my studio to mingle, chat, share resources and take a tour of the mama's sauce print shoppe next door. Nick was kind enough to show everyone how the letterpress works by printing off little take home postcards that I designed.

It's so valuable to get together with other people in your field and have an air of togetherness and support rather than competition. Everyone was so sweet and I think we all agreed by the end of the morning that we'll have to do another meetup soon.

The ladies that were there:

Orange Blossom Ink

Trisha Hay Design

Boombox Bindery 

Ashley Brooke Designs

Anavi Ink

Studio222 Photography

Grace Edmands Calligraphy


Happy Friday! So sorry for the little posts this week as I've been working like crazy to get some projects finished up before I go out of town. So it goes..


studio move: weekend 

Over the weekend Nathan and I painted the studio with the help of our friend Abe. Abe paints buildings for a living so he made the whole process much less painful by bringing along his paint tools and helping us work a lot faster. Everything went well except for a spilled paint can (oops) and a one more coat than we anticipated on the darker walls but I love how it came out (a fresh coat of paint makes such a difference!). For the color, I chickened out on the mint I originally thought I would use because 1, I know I change my mind all the time so a specific color might not be best long-term choice and 2, I thought something neutral and light would work best with the space and help brighten it up. I ended up picking "Belvedere Cream" by Behr and hope to still use use the mint on the bathroom (which is on the "not necessary to open" list of things to do).


studio move: day 2

I learned a lot of things yesterday.

1. The fire inspector is no one you mess with. Nick gave me pointers for this by telling me to buy extra large reflective exit signs and promising to give the print shop advance notice of when this man is coming around.

2. Awnings are really expensive.

3. IKEA is not expensive. This is what I love about it.

4. It's good to know that the cheap window tinting peels off as easily as it was surely put on.

5. I now drink beers with the print shop guys on Thursday afternoons. 


The IKEA furniture I picked out. I also have some vintage pieces that I'm going to throw in the mix (aka things from our house that I am moving to the office).


winter park, florida city hall. 

The business police work here. They scared me yesterday by asking if I was sure my type of business was allowed at my location (where the building is zoned) and if I had made sure of this before I signed the lease. Nope.. I did not make sure of this actually! Thankfully I was cleared though.. We're learning as we go!


we're moving!

Nathan and I just got back from signing the lease on our new office/studio/retail space! I've been working out of our home for the past few years and it's started to get a little too tight so for the past month or so I've been on the hunt for a great space. Turns out we're going to be moving in right next door to to Mama's Sauce Print Shoppe on Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park, Fl (easy access to that letterpress machine!). Not only will this be my studio space but I'll also have a small retail area in the front to sell items from my online shop (soon) as well as a few that are exclusive to the studio. 

I'll be documenting the move-in and decorating process (those walls definitely need some new paint) right here as well as the transition from home to office. There are so many little things to think of (like replacing the nasty squishy toilet seat and paying electric company deposits) while sticking to my small budget but I'm super excited about it!


"printing porn"

that's what nick called it. A beautiful little video of his Kluge letterpress in action for the first time at his shop

from the Mama's Sauce blog. video by Fiction.