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monday eye candy

Mr. Jon Hamm from Best Life Magazine

Nathan are I are in the midst of watching the most recent season of Mad Men.. SO good.. 


the amazing Blair Sligar (who also happens to be our friend)

Blair Sligar is our amazing & dear friend here in Orlando who I have talked about before but I am so excited to share the the profile Grain & Gram just did on him. Check out the full interview here along with beautiful photos shot by JonPaul Douglass.

Blair built out our whole studio and did all the custom woodwork in our shop. He also heads up production of our recipe card boxes. He's amazingly creative with his work (he does everything from custom furniture to built-ins to products) and is committed to using locally salvaged woods & old finishes.

Soo, check out the interview & short video below.. If you're interested in contacting Blair or working with him, check out his site or email him at hogeathog[at]

Photos by JonPaul Douglass

Grain & Gram: Blair Sligar, Woodworker from Grain & Gram on Vimeo.


photos by JonPaul Douglass

(bottom two images are from our storefront)


via Grain & Gram 

Blair's website

p.s. If you're not familiar with Grain & Gram it's an awesome online men's journal headed up by some fellow Orlando creatives.. full of interviews & lovely photography.


hello 2011!

Above are a few photos from Life of New Year's past that I thought were fun. 
photos (& more images) via here.

Happy Friday + Opening Party Peek

photos by Studio 222

Above is a little sneak peak at the photos from the store opening party. I'm planning on posting the rest of the pictures next week along with a big before and after of our studio space.

photos by my friends Becka & Nate of Studio 222 Photography.


Happy Friday! I'm so excited for tomorrow.. I am taking the day off to go get our Christmas tree, decorate our house and cook food all day. Then, at night I'm going to snuggle up with some hot chocolate and watch some Christmas movie. It's going to be the best! 

Last year we had just launched our online store around this time so we kinda missed Christmas with the craziness. I didn't have time to decorate at all so I'm really looking forward this.

hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!



monday eye candy

Mr. James Dean

via here.


monday eye candy

mr. wentworth miller. i just started watching some Prison Break.. 

p.s. we had a great weekend with the store opening! Many thanks to those of you who stopped by. I should have some pictures to share of the shop and opening party soon.



monday eye candy


monday eye candy

Mr. George Clooney


lara stone


I love model Lara Stone's look. ..especially in these vintage inspired shoots. and her gap teeth are so charming and beautiful (something I never conceived possible when I had my own gap teeth when I was younger). If only I'd known how fashionable it would become.. :)

top left: Vogue Paris (September 2009); top right & bottom left: Vogue spread (September 2010 issue); bottom right: W Magazine (August 2009)


monday eye candy

Mr. Johnny Depp


monday eye candy

Mr. Paul Newman


christopher kuehl

Two beautiful wedding portraits by my friend from college, Christopher Kuehl... who I miss dearly and had a significant impact on shaping who I was creatively. one of the handful of people in my life that may not realize how much they opened my eyes to certain things or inspired me. 

Chris's wedding photos & photography portfolio


Also... I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been taking a little breather from the internet as I wrap up a few projects. It's been a whirlwind year and I think it finally caught up to me a few weeks ago. I should be back to posting more regularly soon.


max & margaux

you may have seen their gorgeous wedding photos all around the internet lately but I just wanted to share a few photos of max & margaux and their lovely wedding. It's one of my favorite's that I've seen.. it just looked so festive, laid back and full of love. I also had the pleasure of working with the couple on their custom invitation set (above)..

via Once Wed. Photos by Our Labor of Love.


jack white & karen elson

I love these photos of Jack White & Karen Elson from the June issue of Vogue.. a lovely mix of dreamy, gritty and rock & roll.

images via Vogue (by Annie Leibovitz)


janelle monáe

i spent the weekend working to the new tunes of janelle monáe. not only is her music & voice amazing but I think she's got the most kick-ass style.. and she's just plain gorgeous.

images via her site.

p.s. she also has the greatest dance moves ever