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RIFLE DIY posts on Once Wed!!

photo by anna bond

I am so excited to announce that I will be contributing DIY wedding projects to Once Wed! Emily asked me if I would be up for contributing projects and I excitedly took her up on it. I'm so flattered that she would approach me to do it and can't wait to share some of the things I've been brainstorming. Check out Once Wed to see the first post (how to create tissue paper garden centerpieces based on the ones that I made for my own wedding last summer). I'm starting off with bi-monthly posts but hope hope to start contributing weekly as soon as I can. 


studio move: day 5

I'm finally back to setting up the studio (I decided to count by the days I've worked on it not by how much time has passed). I'm hoping to move my computer and the basics I need to start working in there tomorrow or saturday and I'm so excited. I took a trip to good old Ikea yesterday and hauled back as much as I could by myself (2 desks, a work table, 2 chairs, 2 supply shelves, and a rug). Nathan and I are heading back sometime this evening to grab the large bookshelves for the retail display and will do our best to fit those beasts in our little car. 

Even though we finished painting last week we had to wait for the rental insurance to go through before I could start moving things in. We finally got it going yesterday so I started setting up the Ikea stuff and moving in other furniture (such as the danish chair and credenza that I found yesterday morning at a resale shop) and items from my home office that I don't use frequently. I have to say, it's going to take some getting used to to have my stuff sitting around on the other side of town.

I feel like things have come such a long way already but here's my list of this that I still need to do (most of which I can do while I begin working from there but want to get done before I open for walk-ins):

- touch up the trim & paint the bathroom

- paint the exterior of the building

- figure out the awning situation (the ugly teal one isn't going to cut it but I'm on a tight budget.. eek)

- hang artwork, order window decals, create retail window display

- have shelves made to divide retail area from workspace by my friend Blair

- buy 'exit' signs & call for a fire extinguisher inspection/replacement

- "landscape" the front (buy some potted plants)

- install wood floors (currently on the wish list)

Once I do all that I will schedule my fire inspection and then get my business license (I need the inspection before I can get the license). Then I'll officially be open!


Renegade recap

I had so much fun at Renegade! The weather was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people including 5 of my clients (it's so great to put faces to emails), some lovely people who read this blog, Vané from Brooklyn Bride and Jillian from 100 Layer Cake  (2 of my favorite daily reads). 

I took a couple photos of my table, above, as well as some items from Hayley and Lauren's tables. Overall, I think the fair was a success and I'm so glad that I shared a booth for my fist time. It made things so much easier and more manageable.

There were so many other wonderful artists there as well.. I wish I had taken some photos of the other booths but I barely got time to make my rounds. My favorite purchase was the wooden apple box from Miss Natalie that I've been coveting for a while and am very excited about displaying in my studio.

Tomorrow morning I'll be back in Florida and am going to get back to prepping the studio.. I'll try to post more pictures of the progress. Thanks again to those of you who stopped by!


Renegade + preview

I've been a crazy person trying to get ready for Renegade the past few days (of course I put it off until the last minute). Above is a little photo of the prep as well as a preview one of the products I will be selling at the fair and soon in my online shop! Please stop by and say hello if you're attending. I'll be in Booth no. 100 along with Lauren & Hayley.

I will also have custom wedding samples at the fair so if you or anyone you know is interested in seeing anything in person or chatting with me about a project please stop by!


alison & chris's save the date

I posted the preview of this save the date postcard a little while ago and have been meaning to photograph it but the craziness of the studio move and prepping to go to Renegade has left me with no spare time. I still wanted to share it though and actually think that the digital file shows the detail and texture better than a photo would anyway. 

The inspiration came from the couple's wedding location (a national park in Ohio) as well as their love of their cats (so cute!). I'm looking forward to working on their invitation set as well.

Off to a late night of printing and work for me... Tomorrow I'll be posting a little Renegade preview before I head off to NY (let's cross our fingers all of my stuff fits in 2 suitcases!).


erin & tom's wedding fans

wedding program fans I created for erin & tom– a lovely couple who are who are getting married this summer in Washington, DC.


studio move: weekend 

Over the weekend Nathan and I painted the studio with the help of our friend Abe. Abe paints buildings for a living so he made the whole process much less painful by bringing along his paint tools and helping us work a lot faster. Everything went well except for a spilled paint can (oops) and a one more coat than we anticipated on the darker walls but I love how it came out (a fresh coat of paint makes such a difference!). For the color, I chickened out on the mint I originally thought I would use because 1, I know I change my mind all the time so a specific color might not be best long-term choice and 2, I thought something neutral and light would work best with the space and help brighten it up. I ended up picking "Belvedere Cream" by Behr and hope to still use use the mint on the bathroom (which is on the "not necessary to open" list of things to do).


studio move: day 2

I learned a lot of things yesterday.

1. The fire inspector is no one you mess with. Nick gave me pointers for this by telling me to buy extra large reflective exit signs and promising to give the print shop advance notice of when this man is coming around.

2. Awnings are really expensive.

3. IKEA is not expensive. This is what I love about it.

4. It's good to know that the cheap window tinting peels off as easily as it was surely put on.

5. I now drink beers with the print shop guys on Thursday afternoons. 


The IKEA furniture I picked out. I also have some vintage pieces that I'm going to throw in the mix (aka things from our house that I am moving to the office).


winter park, florida city hall. 

The business police work here. They scared me yesterday by asking if I was sure my type of business was allowed at my location (where the building is zoned) and if I had made sure of this before I signed the lease. Nope.. I did not make sure of this actually! Thankfully I was cleared though.. We're learning as we go!


Bonnie Tsang Photography logo design

Bonnie Tsang is an incredible photographer and an inspiring working mother based out of Los Angeles. She contacted me a few months ago about redesigning her logo and I was so excited to work with her. I love her style and her images are absolutely stunning. She wanted a logo that was unique, elegant, and feminine and this is what we came up with! Enjoy the logo but also be sure to check out her photos..

{business cards}

For her business cards, Bonnie decided to use 4 different colored backgrounds on the reverse side, which I designed to look like antique wallpaper using florals from the logo.

{blog header}


we're moving!

Nathan and I just got back from signing the lease on our new office/studio/retail space! I've been working out of our home for the past few years and it's started to get a little too tight so for the past month or so I've been on the hunt for a great space. Turns out we're going to be moving in right next door to to Mama's Sauce Print Shoppe on Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park, Fl (easy access to that letterpress machine!). Not only will this be my studio space but I'll also have a small retail area in the front to sell items from my online shop (soon) as well as a few that are exclusive to the studio. 

I'll be documenting the move-in and decorating process (those walls definitely need some new paint) right here as well as the transition from home to office. There are so many little things to think of (like replacing the nasty squishy toilet seat and paying electric company deposits) while sticking to my small budget but I'm super excited about it!


Lisa & Derren

one more post.. I've been meaning to show these pictures for a while even though many of you may have seen them already on Style Me Pretty. I created a wedding certificate poster for the beautiful Lisa & Derren who got married on the coast of California a few weeks ago. The poster was screen printed with 3 colors on French Paper and the couple drew in the lines for each guest to sign as their guest book. Their whole wedding was so cute and I'm so glad to have been a part of it! Check out more pictures here.

photos by Micah Dahlberg and He & She


carly & daniel

I loved working on this invitation for Carly & Daniel. The inspiration for the invitation allowed for such a unique illustration & type treatment.. it came from both their wedding location (the roof of the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC) and Carly's collection & love of vintage astronomy maps. I love that it's a bit darker than some of the invitations that I've done lately and it has this sort of classy 'new york' feel.

I also included the comp sketch and a photo of the final illustration being painted.. to see a bit of my process and because the final version ended up being almost exactly what I had sketched out.


another invite completed...

This weekend I finished up Carmella and Grégoire's wedding invitation. This is a quick photo before I packaged everything up.. I will get around to taking something a little more presentable this week.

I really loved working on this invite and their wedding is going to be so amazing. They're getting married in France with a French meets Mexican styled event (both of their cultures coming together). The illustration on the front was created with cut paper.. something I decided to do to complement the papel picado (Mexican paper flags) and other details of the wedding.

I'll post some more pictures after I take them. 


soo, it's april. shop update.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) I haven't been able to open my shop yet because of the amount of work I have going on. It's been a little difficult to find the time to get everything ready but it is coming together. I've got two more things printing and once I have those and take some photos I will be open! In the meantime, here are some preview pictures..

Also, the shop location will be (hosted by big cartel). as i've said before, I will send out an email to those who've signed up for my email list first with the launch date and a special offer. You can sign up on the side bar to the right. I promise I won't spam you... I mainly want to use it as a way of announcing new products to you first and giving you special offers.. because a discount code is really one of life's great pleasures.


the sun always comes out tomorrow

finished the second part..