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2011 holiday gift guides: for the little ones


2011 holiday gift guides: fail-proof gifts for her

here are my picks for fail-proof gifts for a lady. In my opinion they work for anyone. The type of go-to gifts when you're not sure about someone's taste, exact size, your hard-to-shop-for mother-in-law, etc.. hope you agree! if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment.

1. cashmere slippers, $79  Nathan got me these for Christmas last year and I wear them every day. They're like heaven on your feet. With sizes like S, M or L you can guess pretty easily.

2. L'Occitane shea butter hand cream, $26  A great addition to a main gift & I love the limited edition packaging. 

3. Kate Spade pearl necklace, $128  A classic. Even if she already has one, the cute gold bow sets this one apart.

4. Oscar de la Renta robe, $82  Everyone needs a satin robe, no? It makes lounging around on a Saturday afternoon feel chic. 

5. Filson tote, $105  A classic & durable tote. Even if it doesn't end up being a daily bag it'd be great for the beach or farmer's market.

6. silk-cashmere scarf, $75  so soft and J.Crew always has great colors to pick from.

7. cashmere cardigan, $168  mm, cashmere. cardigans are so versatile and the sizing can be forgiving.   

8. wine club subscription, $pricey  I don't think I'd ever sign up for something like this myself but I sure wouldn't mind getting bottles of wine delivered to my door every month! There are lots of great clubs out there to pick from.

9. volcano candle, $28  scents are tricky but every girl I know is obsessed with this candle.

10. Chanel No. 5 After Bath Powder, $65  I think any girl would love to open a gift and see a Chanel logo :) A more subtle scent than a perfume and it'll look pretty sitting on your bathroom shelf.

11. personalized photo day planner, $78.99  I love all of the photo gifts from Pinhole Press. It's such an easy way to make a special gift and their simple designs will work for anyone.


2011 gift guides: for your man

I thought I would jump back into blogging with some holiday gift guides! I thought I'd start with the most difficult to shop for.. guys. Above are a few picks for the man in your life.. or your dad. 

1. chambray shirt from J.Crew  2. shave set  3. Handcrafted Modern book (i love this)  4. hammer screwdriver combo tool  5. leather weekender  6. bottle key opener  7. Makr ipad case (i have this case and I love it - Makr's studio is right behind ours!)  8. coffee mill  9. shampoo bar  10. Oak Street boots  11. Jack Spade needlepoint flask (not sure if people actually use flasks but it'd look cool sitting on a shelf too)  12. "nice parking" cards  13. shoe cleaning kit


inspiration palette: a feminine 1940s


industrial inspirations + studio expansion

1. metal task lamp  2. industrial bookshelves  3. industrial light  4. Roman & Williams interiors  5. telephone print  6. Hendrix Desk  7. woven rug  8. vintage wooden flat file (another option here)  9. brass table lamp  10. soren chair


We're so thrilled to see how Rifle Paper Co. has continued to grow over these past 2 years (officially 2 years in November!). It's been a TON of hard work but it's also been incredibly rewarding to watch the line grow from our little 1 bedroom apartment to a full-blown operation. It seems we've already grown out of our current studio space so we signed the lease on the building next to us and are currently in the process of combining the two (they're literally drilling a big hole in the wall this week!).

Our office has been a mess for the past few months with boxes everywhere so with this new space I'm determined to find a home for everything and create an incredibly organized operation (we'll see.. I'm naturally a horribly messy person). Our current space will still have our storefront and behind it will be our production area where we box up cards and assemble all of our product by hand, a shipping nook, and storage for all of our cards & products. The new space has a bit of a different layout than our current building. It's set up running parallel to the street with lots of big windows. We'll move most of the desk/work space in there and are building out a meeting room and a closed off office space for myself. I am SUPER excited. I basically live at this office so it feels like I'm planning out my new home :) 

Above is my inspiration palette for the new space. I love Roman & Williams interiors/architecture and am trying to bring in the warm industrial look. Contrary to most of our designs, my interior design taste leans more toward simple and masculine with a lot of wood rather than feminine and colorful.. but I also think that helps keep things timeless and fresh. I'm on a tight budget because buildouts get ridiculously pricey extremely fast but I'm having fun scouring the internet for cool finds..


 Above: our new light-filled new studio expansion. the wall at the back of the photo connects to our current space & will have an opening with steps. It looks pretty bare but we're supposedly on track to move in in a couple weeks...


beach getaway

I dream of a beach getaway where I sip piña coladas all day, read a book under breezy palm trees, and look out over the clear blue caribbean waters... *sigh* let's dream pack shall we?

1. Madewell sandals  2. dream hotel.. Jalouise Plantation in St. Lucia  3. woven beach tote  4. Marc Jacobs summer dress  5. J.Crew pleated bikini top  6. straw hat  7. Swamplandia! (my summer novel)  8. Filson carry-on bag   9. Ray Ban round-frame sunglasses  10. gold Kate Spade passport cover


paris in spring!

1. juniper rose scarf  2. chic LBD from Anthro  3. Arches watercolor paper & brushes  4. Madame Bovary  5. sandals from Madewell  6. striped sweater  7. straw fedora  8. I dream of Chloe bags...  9. vintage French phrase book

I bursting with excitement because in a week I leave for Paris. I've rented a little apartment and am hoping to wrap up all our new designs that will debut at the National Stationery Show. I normally wouldn't do something so crazy to finish designs but when I was looking for places to get away I realized that Paris was actually just as reasonable as my original plan of flying to Seattle and staying in a hotel. I've also decided to be spontaneous in life whenever possible... so Paris it is!

I've dreamed of going for so long... and was still heartbroken after I had to miss a trip back in college when I lost my passport 2 days before I was supposed to leave. TRAGIC. (I found the passport 4 years later stuck in a random book). So, any Parisian tips for me? I'd love to hear! The apartment I rented is in the 4th arrondissement, I speak about 5 words of French, I'm on a pretty strict budget, and will be traveling solo.. 


happy cocktail weekend

have a wonderful weekend! I've been working hard trying to spruce up our place and my deadline is my Saturday night cocktail party for a few close girlfriends (it's still to be determined if I will actually succeed).

in honor of cocktail parties everywhere here's a little roundup of favorite party goods..

1. Rachel Menken from Mad Men (one of my favorite scenes.. I love that zebra wallpaper) + Mai Tai recipe  2. pink cocktail napkins  3.  metal cocktail stirrers  4. Vintage Cocktails book (I have this and love it)  5. the quick little invite I threw together for my party  6. starburst coasters  7. gold polka dot glasses  8. cocktail shaker

p.s. what's your favorite cocktail? I'm trying to put together a little menu of classic drinks.


HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE No. 5: Stocking Stuffers ... Under $40


HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE No. 4: Brother ... Under $100

1. Monocle Magazine subscription, from $60  2. Randolph Engineering Aviators, $99  3. A Day in the Life of the Beatles, $16.50 4. leather matchbox, $42  5. Steven Alan skinny tie, $60  6. Aubin & Wills shaving soap, $46  7. The Small Stakes screen printed poster, $40  8. Wood Turntable, $88  9. Wingtip Boots, $78  10. iPod Shuffle, $49

(or.. for any guy really. guys can be so tough to shop for)

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Rifle Paper Co. at the Martha Stewart Craft Sale

If you're in New York, come check us (and all the other amazing crafty vendors) out at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. My mom and I will be manning the table so say 'hello'!

I'll be selling holiday goods (cards, gift tags, wrapping sheets), everyday cards, art prints and recipe cards. I'm also hoping to have a few one-of-a-kind items to sell... a few small original paintings and a handful of hand-painted ornaments.

Starrett-Lehigh Building, 601 West 26th Street, 9th Floor; 212-389-4026. 12-6PM

more details here.



HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE No. 3: Best Friend / Sister ... Under $100

1. Andy Warhol Idea Book, $18.95  2. J.Crew Sequin Bag, $98 (on sale)  3. Madewell Snowblossom Scarf, $58  4. Gold Monogram Stationery, $30  5. Twirl by Kate Spade, $80  6. Vintage Cocktails Book (my best friend gave this to me for my birthday and I love it.. it's so fun), $31.50  7. the cutest slippers ever from J.Crew, $55  8. Anthropologie Cardigan, $98  9. Funny Face  10. Kate Spade Gold Bow Ring, $75 & Necklace, $95


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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE No. 2: Mom ... under $100

Gift ideas for Mom... 

1. Personalized Cornishware container, $67  2. Canvas Tote (perfect for farmer's market trips), $89  3. Flower Crochet Scarf, $58  4. J.Crew Cable Cardigan, $66 (on sale!)  5. Simple Diary, $15  6. Terrain Seed Collection, $24  7. Chunky Knit Throw, $89.50  8. Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves, $98  9. Kate Spade Earrings, $95  10. Template Illustrated Personalized Stationery (from yours truly), flat notes from $75 & calling cards from $50


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cyber monday sale... 20% off all holiday goods

Take 20% off all holiday goods today and tomorrow! Use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

We still have free U.S. ground shipping on orders over $75 thru Dec. 3rd too!


p.s. Sorry if anyone tried to go to our site over Thanksgiving weekend and it was down. We were in the process of moving our website to a new hosting company and it took longer than expected to get everything up and running again. 


monday eye candy

Kate Spade Twirl Karolina shoes... eye candy indeed.