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happy friday + snapshots

happy friday! I'd thought I'd share a few recent iPhone snapshots...

top to bottom, left to right:

1. our bedroom after painting our walls black (Benjamin Moore's 'midnight').. i love how it came out! inspired by this post  

2. vintage persian rug i bought from here for our living room. I love the pattern & the bird characters  

3. my inspiration pin board in my office  

4. my (always) messy desk  

5. spring window display for the storefront that Janelle is making for us out of tissue paper  

6. wall in my office as I plan our new line & prep for the National Stationery Show in May 


Martha Stewart Craft Sale

photos by Anna Bond

Thank you to all of you who stopped by at the Martha Stewart Craft Sale on Saturday! I had so much fun meeting new people and being part of the event. And many thanks to Erin Jang for taking the time to give me a little tour! I was so excited to get a little glimpse of the offices and creative spaces. I really loved how simple & clean everything was.. definitely my kind of workspace.

Above are a few phone pictures from the event (I really need to bring a nicer camera with me). The bottom right image is of the 3 hand-painted ornaments I made for the sale. 


recent snapshots...

photos by Anna Bond

I thought I'd share a few recent iPhone pics...

left to right, top to bottom:

the new storefront!, an old picture my brother has of my Armenian great, great grandfather & family, a trip to the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Mt. Dora, FL

view from the plane leaving LA, pancakes... yum, my office

exterior of our store/studio, the new shop, me & my new little nephew Mark



i've been super busy lately so I apologize for the lack of posts. It's been a little crazy with the height of wedding season and preparing to go to the National Stationery Show next month (we'll be in booths no. 3053+3055 if you're going!). So, I just thought I would share some iPhone snapshots from the past week...

left to right, top to bottom:

- I tried to beautify our messy studio with some fresh flowers from the Farmer's Market. They sadly died the next day. I have a way with plants like that.

- Nick from Mama's Sauce letterpressing a custom wedding invitation

- Said letterpress invitation in the painting stage & after Nick pressed the lettering over the full color print (more photos of this set later)

- A whirlwind trip to NYC to check out some prop shops for the stationery show, speak at my middle school's career day (very scary.. and weird), and have a lovely coffee date with the oh-so-sweet Joanna.

Mother's Day card orders getting ready to ship.  (I'll be adding Father's Day cards to the shop in the next few days too)



I have every intention of posting something here every day (or nearly every day) but it seems the craziness has gotten the best of me this past week. I've been working on a ton of projects (all super exciting!) and my parents came into town for their 30th anniversary so I packed some work and Nathan & I joined them at St. Pete Beach for a couple days. I love the Gulf side of Florida and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

I've had a few notes inquiring about the store. It will open soon.. but probably not until the very, very end of the month because of some printing delays. I went in this morning for the press check of the alphabet poster and I'm excited to pick up the final prints tomorrow! I'm still working on printing the other items as well as taking photos and getting myself organized before I open.

Tomorrow I'll find some inspiring things to post but for now here are a few snapshots from St. Pete last week..



is it really march 9th already?

Over the weekend I didn't do anything exciting except work, work, work and organize the bookshelves. Those shelves are my favorite thing in this apartment (they hold oodles of stuff) but they were looking a little spastic so on Saturday night I took everything out and put it all back in as pretty and organized as I could. I also managed to squeeze in a little table under the window to be my mailing station for the shop. I'm running out of room in my office and the light is much better in the dining room so it works for now.


good monday morning

snapshots from the weekend.

from top to bottom: curried zucchini soup & the latest Domino and Everyday FOOD magazines; a 10 cent garage sale book called Cities: Comparisons of Form and Scale; string beans and beets at the downtown farmer's market; flowers at the farmer's market.


happy weekend

happy weekend! nathan and the band left this afternoon to play a show in Gainesville, Fl while I stayed behind to catch up on some work. I have a lot to get done over the weekend but I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to the farmer's market, peruse a few garage sales, and maybe even visit the history museum to see the Jim Henson exhibit..