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vintage cigarette labels

a random image search about hand-painted signs in Mexico (there are such amazing signs all over the country) led me to these beautiful vintage cigarette labels. I love the typography and illustrated elements (they have a bit of an unrefined/folk art element to them).

more here.


sign painting

Hand-painted signs are one of my biggest weaknesses in life. I love them and unfortunately it doesn't seem as though there are many people left who devote themselves to the craft (especially here in Central Florida). I'm intent on trying to hand-paint lettering & signage on our storefront windows so I've been doing some research for inspiration..

Here are a few things that I found and thought I would share.

Below are a few samples from the portfolio of sign painter Wilhelm Arrenbrecht (c. 1890) to showcase lettering options to clients (via here).

below are a couple samples of gold leaf lettering by New Bohemia Signs based in San Francisco (view more samples from their portfolio here). They still hand-paint all of their signs and their work looks incredible.. If they were local I'd hire them in a second.

check out this short video with sign painter Damon Styer of New Bohemia Signs to get a glimse into the process and how he got started:

 (video via Font Feed)


AND (if you're not bombarded enough) here is a blog chronicling the process of creating a documentary on sign painting across America. There's loads of great images and inspiration.



invitation by Perky Bros & Studio on Fire

Beautiful invitation set by Perky Bros (designed for his own wedding) with lovely custom typography and letterpress printed by the amazing Studio on Fire. 

reminds me a bit of this incredible tree stump print.

via Studio on Fire blog. Images via Perky Bros portfolio.